Snow Queen Organic Vodka


Snow Queen Organic Vodka encapsulates the true spirit of the Snow Queen. This smooth, soft and balanced super premium Vodka promises unparalleled purity. Using only the highest quality organic grains, this unique and special spirit is specially distilled to ensure a full-bodied flavour with the most delicate finish. With multiple awards, Snow Queen Organic is perfect for cocktails or martinis

Basic Information

Traditional Style Vodka, 40% ABV, 700ml. Product of France

Distilled from Organic EU Wheat, Super Premium Craft Vodka

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Snow Queen Organic Vodka is a super premium Vodka made with organic wheat and crystal clear water from snow-crowned mountains. From majestic fields of wheat to the distillery and transformation processes, only the highest quality, organic ingredients and procedures are used to craft this unique Organic Vodka.

Organic wheat farmed in the European Union forms the base of the vodka, which then undergoes a number of distillations, in a secret location. Our distillers and their family have been perfecting the art of distillation for many generations and they understand our requirements for the best possible quality. The transformation process uses reverse-osmosis water to reduce the alcohol percentage to 40%. After this, the Vodka is passed through numerous high-quality filters, which turns the raw Vodka into the familiar, smooth and truly luxurious Snow Queen Organic Vodka we all know and love.

Bottled in France, and much like the Snow Queen herself, the the Snow Queen Organic bottles were inspired by elegance, ice and individuality.



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