Snow Queen Enigma Vodka


Snow Queen Enigma is a rare and luxurious ultra premium craft Vodka. Presented within an ice-blue, super high quality, cut glass bottle, with etched frosting and silver accents. Though packaged immaculately, the real quality is the liquid. Which is subtly scented with a touch of delicate botanicals. Giving this ultra premium craft Vodka a unique taste experience not found in any other beverage.

Basic Information

Floral/Botanical Vodka. 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of France.

Distilled from: Wheat. Containing Lavender, Rose and Vanilla.

Category: Ultra Premium Craft Vodka.

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Detailed Information

In a faraway land of snow-crowned mountains, the Snow Queen crafts her most mysterious and luxurious Vodka, the Enigma edition. Blending the softest, smoothest and purest Vodka with the mythical botanicals of lavender, rose and vanilla.

Created at a secret family owned distillery to the highest of standards.


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