Snow Queen Enigma Vodka


Snow Queen Enigma is a luxurious and ultra premium craft Vodka. It is presented within a super high quality, ice-blue, cut glass bottle, with etched frosting and silver accents. Although packaged immaculately, the real quality is the liquid inside, which is subtly scented with rose, lavender and vanilla. Snow Queen Enigma promises a unique and refined taste experience quite unlike any other Vodka.

Basic Information

Floral/Botanical Vodka. 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of France.

Distilled from: Wheat. Containing Lavender, Rose and Vanilla.

Category: Ultra Premium Craft Vodka.

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In a faraway land of snow-crowned mountains, the Snow Queen crafts her most mysterious and luxurious Vodka yet – Snow Queen Enigma Edition. This exquisite blue bottle boasts cuts and proud square faces resembling its inspiration, glacial ice. This super premium Vodka is soft, smooth and pure, blended with mythical botanicals of lavender, rose and vanilla. Why were they chosen? Lavender, for its calming, luxurious and powerful aroma; rose, a symbol of true love and affection; and vanilla, used throughout the ages to add a delightful sweetness. The Snow Queen’s carefully chosen florals have been added in precise amounts, for a final taste that is truly unique and special.

Unlike other flavoured Vodkas, Snow Queen Enigma Edition is soft and resembles a delicate perfume, both inside and out. Drinking it, you will pick up on individual notes of flavour – the wheat Vodka, followed by each mystical floral. A super smooth finish leaves behind traces of the florals in a long but subtle aftertaste. Snow Queen Enigma is created at a secret family-owned distillery delivering the very highest of standards – it is the Snow Queen’s most prized creation.

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