Romanov Dynasty Edition


Romanov Dynasty Edition is a unique, luxurious blend of vodka and young Cognac. Resulting in a subtle flavour profile that will delight vodka fans with a unique taste experience. This special tribute to Russian and French cultures can be enjoyed over ice, or within your favourite vodka cocktail for a unique twist on a classic recipe.

Basic Information

Hybrid Vodka/Cognac, 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of France.

Distilled from: Wheat. Contains Cognac. Category: Premium Craft Spirit (99% Vodka).

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Detailed Information

The Romanovs, the imperial Russian dynasty for over 300 years. They were powerful, rich and mischievous. The Russian royalty spent much of their holidays in France, in Paris and the Rivera, where they were known for their occasionally wild celebrations.

Recommended Serve

Romanov Sour

Combine 50ml of Romanov Dynasty, 10ml of lemon juice, 10ml of sugar syrup & egg white in cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Pour into whiskey tumbler with ice. Garnish with orange or lemon peel and a couple of dashes of bitters.

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