Romanov Dynasty Edition


Romanov Dynasty Edition is a luxurious blend of Vodka and young Cognac, offering a truly unique taste experience. With its subtle and enjoyable flavour profile, we recommend that you enjoy Romanov Dynasty Edition over ice, or within your favourite Vodka cocktail for a unique twist on a classic recipe.

Basic Information

Hybrid Vodka/Cognac, 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of France.

Distilled from: Wheat. Contains Cognac. Category: Premium Craft Spirit (99% Vodka).

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Inspired by the Russian Imperial Dynasty, Romanov Dynasty Edition celebrates two great cultures and their interwoven history, France and Russia. Note the double-headed Russian eagle and the delicate French fleur-de-lis on the Romanov Dynasty Edition bottle – a nod to both French and Russian heritages. The Romanovs spent over 300 years as the imperial Russian dynasty and were known for their vast wealth, power and high society soirées in Paris and beyond. This notoriously opulent lifestyle is reflected in Romanov Dynasty Edition, crafted by experts and designed to impress.

The outward design of this fine spirit drink is just as luxurious as the liquid it holds. Made with 99% soft wheat Vodka and 1% Cognac, you will experience delicate floral tasting notes, with slightly sweet and mild oak flavours to follow. A smooth and long finish completes this unique taste adventure. Bottled in France.

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