Prunier XO Cognac & Gift Box


Prunier X.O. Cognac has been matured for around 15 years in French Oak at Maison Prunier’s cellars. Bursting with rich flavours, this classic recipe was first devised by Alphonse Prunier over a hundred years ago.

Basic information: 

Cognac blend, 40 % ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Cognac, France.

Batch fermentation. Pot-Still distillation.

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The House of Prunier specialises in the art of ageing and blending, carefully source grapes directly from winegrowers and distillers all over Cognac, enabling them to select the best vintages from any cru.

Prunier XO is aged for around 15 years in small casks of only 270 litres or more complete ageing. This process takes place in the cellars at Maison Prunier beside the River Charente.

This classic cognac recipe was first devised by Alphonse Prunier over a hundred years ago. Prunier XO represents the continuity of the family style, presented in a curved, classic carafe.

Tasting Notes

• The initial fragrance is rich and intense: tobacco, leather, nuts, dried fruits and oak.

• Well balanced and fine tannins are contrasted with strong flavours of toffee, chocolate and cinnamon.

• The aftertaste is long and poised with a clean silky finish.

Perfect Serve

Suitable for a range of occasions, Prunier XO is to be savoured and enjoyed slowly. Drink it neat for the optimum tasting experience, or add an ice cube or two.

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