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This cognac is considered as the backbone of the Company’s range.

For 100 years, the style has been preserved with a search for lightness and finesse.

The most often used crus for this blend are Fins Bois and Petite Champagne and sometimes Bons Bois from chalky soil.

Ageing is done in damp cellars, in barrels of 6-8 years old.

This VSOP combines lightness and a real authenticity of the terroir.

Brand & Family History

Since 1769 the House of Prunier has been part of the local and global history of Cognac.

The oldest traces of the family go back to 1701, when the family worked with local growers as wholesalers. After being inspired to create their own brand, the first “Prunier” bottles appear in 1769.

Jean Prunier built the first of many cellars in 1850 within the Cognac region, where they still stand to this day. Now Prunier has expanded to yet more facilities such as their cellars in the village of Gimeax, known for their ideal location for the ageing of Cognac.

Since the beginning, the original premises have been watching over each generation. One after the other, playing their part and leaving behind their own heritage in the form of the Vintages that Prunier exclusively reserves.

Tasting Notes

Initial smells are fine and delicate, opening up with floral notes, balanced with citrus and dried fruits.

The VSOP is well balanced and fine with light tannins preserving the expression of the grape. Aromatic body similar to the nose. Nice and long finish. 

Fine and light product, which reflects the expression of Cognacs from Petite Champagne and Fins Bois after 5 years ageing in wooden casks.

Recommended Serve


Refreshing cocktail with sweet and citrus notes. Shake 50ml of Prunier VS Cognac with 20ml of Orange Liqueur, 15ml of lemon juice, 10ml of sugar syrup (or simply add sugar to your taste).

Visit “Recipes” for more inspiration.

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