Prunier VSOP Cognac


For 100 years, Prunier VSOP Cognac’s particular style has remained the same. This is a light and fine VSOP, best enjoyed neat or within your favourite Cognac cocktails.

Basic information:

Cognac blend, 40 % ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Cognac, France.

Batch fermentation. Pot-Still distillation.

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The House of Prunier specialises in the art of ageing and blending, carefully sourcing grapes directly from winegrowers and distillers all over Cognac, enabling them to select the best vintages from any cru.

Prunier VSOP Cognac is blended from various crus, resulting in light yet complex flavours. Fins Bois and Petite Champagne are most frequently blended, and occasionally, Bon Bois is added from chalky soil.

Ageing is completed in humid cellars at Maison Prunier, in barrels aged between 6 and 8 years old.

Tasting Notes

• Initial scents are fine and delicate, opening up with floral notes, balanced with citrus and dried fruits.

• The VSOP is well balanced and fine with light tannins that preserve the expression of the grape.

• The aromatic body, similar to the nose, with a nice and long finish.

• Prunier VSOP Cognac is fine and light, a great example of the expression of Cognacs from Petite Champagne and Fins Bois after 5 years ageing in wooden casks.

Perfect Serve

Suitable for a range of occasions, Prunier VSOP Cognac is to be savoured and enjoyed slowly. Drink it neat for the optimum tasting experience, or mix it into your favourite Cognac cocktails.

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