Prunier VS Cognac


Prunier VS Cognac is Maison Prunier’s youngest Cognac. It is a delicate, well rounded VS Cognac with a surprisingly complex fragrance, excellent for cocktails and cooking.

Basic information: 

Cognac blend, 40 % ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Cognac, France.

Batch fermentation. Pot still distillation.

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The House of Prunier specialises in the art of ageing and blending, carefully sourcing grapes directly from winegrowers and distillers all over Cognac, enabling them to select the best vintages from any cru.

The VS quality Cognac is the youngest Cognac which can be sold after a minimum of just 30 months in oak casks. During the ageing process, Maison Prunier uses 400 litre casks exclusively from the Limousin area and between 6 to 8 years old. Prunier VS Cognac is an expression of the freshness and delicacy of the fruit of the different areas of this beautiful region.

This pale gold, shiny young Cognac is a brilliant base for cocktails and cooking, or you can use it as a flavouring for fruit salads.

Tasting Notes

• Tea, white flowers and a slight grapey note which gives a delicate and balanced nose.
• Light and delicate with a certain freshness at the end.

Recommended Serve: Prunier VS Sidecar

The Prunier VS Sidecar is a refreshing cocktail with both sweet and citrus notes. Shake 50ml of Prunier VS Cognac with 20ml of orange liqueur, 15ml of lemon juice and 10ml of sugar syrup (or add sugar to your taste). Pour into a coupe glass and enjoy!


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