Prunier Très Vielle Grande Champagne Cognac & Gift Box


The flagship product line of Prunier. Incredibly rich and sophisticated flavour.

Basic information:

Cognac blend, 40 % ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Cognac, France.

Batch fermentation. Pot-Still distillation.

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Detailed Information

Jean Burnez, essentially the great grandfather of the current generation, blended a new product line. This new line symbolises the pinnacle of the Prunier range. Though the vast majority of the liquid is very old Cognac from humid and cool cellars, each master blender adds their own personal touch. Jean’s son, Claude developed a heavier style with greater emphasis on wood. While Claude’s son and current master blender Stéphane prefers a lighter, more modern style of Cognac with a greater focus on the Eaux de Vie. Throughout these evolutions, the Très Viellle Grande Champagne will remain the signature blend of Maison Prunier and the master blender of that generation.

Brand & Family History

Since 1769 the House of Prunier has been part of the local and global history of Cognac.

The oldest traces of the family go back to 1701, when the family worked with local growers as wholesalers. After being inspired to create their own brand, the first “Prunier” bottles appear in 1769.

Jean Prunier built the first of many cellars in 1850 within the Cognac region, where they still stand to this day. Now Prunier has expanded to yet more facilities such as their cellars in the village of Gimeax, known for their ideal location for the ageing of Cognac.

Since the beginning, the original premises have been watching over each generation. One after the other, playing their part and leaving behind their own heritage in the form of the Vintages that Prunier exclusively reserves.

Tasting Notes 

Initially the aromas are very closed and subtle. Giving your Cognac a slight swirl will reveal notes of leather, candied fruits, walnuts and dark chocolate.

With further inspection and more time, the bouquet of fragrances open further releasing hints of vanilla and tobacco.

Sipping will allow you to taste a floral and delightful elegance, balanced against stronger flavours of hazelnuts, dark chocolate and toffee.

This gradually fades away into a long and pleasant finish.


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