Moko Rum Spiced


Super premium Spiced Rum from Panama with a particular vanilla accent.

Basic Information

Spiced Rum, 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Distilled in Panama.

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Brand & Family History 

In 1869 two brothers from Bordeaux, Ernest and Maurice Lasserre, decided to create their own brand of Rum: “MOKO”.

The brothers emphasized quality and tradition when selecting Rums imported from Martinique and Jamaica for MOKO. They perfected techniques of distillation and aging to produce a superior, more satisfying drinking experience.

Their Rums quickly enjoyed great success, collecting numerous awards and medals. However, in the 1960s production and distribution ceased.

In 2017 connoisseurs of great Rum can rejoice in the rebirth of MOKO RUM. Philippe Peyrat and his children, Clémence and Edouard—the direct descendants of Ernest Lasserre—are using their long experience in wines and spirits to resurrect MOKO, updating the methods used by their forebears in the creation of great Rum.

The tasting note

Fairly strong vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel, and allspice bouquet.

Recommended Serve

Perfect Serve Moko Spiced

Combine 45ml of Moko Spiced Rum, 15ml sugar syrup, 22ml lemon juice, 2 ginger slices, 2 cardamon seeds.

Pour contents, onto ice, in whiskeys tumbler and top up with soda. Garish with lemon and rosemary sprig.

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