Moko Rum 15 Year Old & Gift Box


MOKO 15 Year Old is a super premium rum from Panama, originating from a single batch. MOKO Rum is aged for several years in Panama and is finished in the cellars of Maison Peyrat, France, in vintage oak casks previously used for ageing Cognac.

Basic Information

Pure Single Batch, 42% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Distilled in Panama.

Source: 100% Molasses

Type of Distillation: Column Still

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In 1869, two brothers from Bordeaux, Ernest and Maurice Lasserre, decided to create their own brand of rum, MOKO. The brothers looked for quality and tradition when selecting rums imported from Martinique and Jamaica for MOKO. They perfected the techniques of distillation and ageing to produce a superior, more satisfying rum drinking experience. MOKO RUM quickly enjoyed great success, collecting numerous awards and medals. However, in the 1960s production and distribution ceased.

In 2017, connoisseurs of great rum rejoiced in the rebirth of MOKO RUM by Philippe Peyrat and his children, Clémence and Edouard – direct descendants of Ernest Lasserre. The family are using their extensive experience in wines and spirits to resurrect MOKO, updating the methods used by their forebears to further elevate the brand.

MOKO 15 Year Old Rum is aged in Panama to achieve maturity, before it is imported at its full, natural alcohol level to preserve natural, aromatic richness. The rum is finished in the cellars of Maison Peyrat, France, in vintage oaks casks previously used for ageing Cognac. This ageing imparts a round mouthfeel and an unparalleled smoothness to the rum.

Tasting Notes 

• Expressive aromas gradually display notes of cardamom, vanilla and tea

• Several seconds of aeration reveal hints of dried coconut heightened by a touch of spiciness

• In the mouth, a bewitching roundness offers exceptional satisfaction to delight connoisseurs of quality rum

Recommended Serve: MOKO Mai Tai

Combine 30ml of Moko 15 Year Old Rum, 30ml of white rum, 10ml of orange liqueur, 15ml of barley cordial, 15ml of lime and ice. Strain into a highball glass with additional ice and garnish with orange and mint sprigs! Visit “Recipes” for more inspiration.

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