Goya Tequila


Created in collaboration with Michelin Star restaurants. This Blanco, single estate tequila is soft, smooth and full of flavour. This is one of the first tequilas created to cater for a more European flavour profile.

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Tequila Blanco. 40% ABV, 0.50L bottle. Product of Mexico.

Distilled from: Agave

Category: Ultra Premium Craft Tequila.

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Cultivated, Harvested, Distilled & Bottled all by hand on Goya’s Privately owned farm in Mexico.

The Agave is slow roasted in an ancient stone oven for over 130 hours before crushing. Priming the raw product to release it best flavours. The fermentation process is slowed, it takes over 100 hours with natural yeast.

Goya Tequila is twice distilled in both stainless steel and a 150 year old copper still.

The overall process is chemical free, it is all done by hand and the results speak for themselves.



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