Belka & Strelka Vodka


Belka & Strelka is a triple-distilled craft Vodka, inspired by two brave cosmonauts who made history. Belka & Strelka were the first dogs to go into orbit, climbing abroad the Sputnik 5 in August 1960 and returning safely to Earth. This craft vodka is distilled in Kazakhstan the location of Belka & Strelka’s spaceport, Baikonur. Their heroic journey helped to pave the way for further exploration.

Basic Information

Traditional style Vodka, 37.5% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Kazakhstan.

Distilled from: Wheat. Category: Premium Craft Vodka.

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Detailed Information

Heroically distilled in Kazakhstan from where Belka & Strelka took off from. Triple distilled and filtered through silver gives this craft Vodka an incredibly clean flavour. Hand applied and bright retro-soviet packaging gives this Vodka a unique and genuine craft feel.

Recommended Serve

Curious Cosmonaut

Add 50ml of Belka and Strelka Vodka to a high ball glass filled with ice and top up with Fentimans Curiosity Cola. Garnish with a large lemon wedge.

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