Belka and Strelka Vodka


Belka & Strelka Vodka is a triple-distilled craft Vodka, inspired by two brave cosmonauts who made history. Belka and Strelka were the first dogs to go into orbit, climbing aboard the Sputnik 5 in August 1960 and returning safely to Earth. This craft Vodka is distilled in Kazakhstan, the location of Belka & Strelka’s spaceport, Baikonur. Their heroic journey helped to pave the way for further space exploration.

Basic Information

Traditional style Vodka, 37.5% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Kazakhstan.

Distilled from: Wheat. Category: Premium Craft Vodka.

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Belka and Stelka were two stray dogs who were chosen to spend a day aboard the Sputnik 5 on 19th August 1960. They orbited the Earth 18 times! When the space dogs came back to Earth, they were received as heroes – their incredible venture into space paved the way for further space exploration. One year later, Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. The brave canine Cosmonauts were launched into space from Baikanur in Kazakhstan, where Belka & Strelka Vodka is distilled today. This charming product is a tribute to their legendary flight between the stars.

A special, triple distilled Vodka, Belka and Strelka is filtered through silver to give it an incredibly clean, crisp and minerally flavour. Hand applied, bright retro-Soviet packaging gives this Vodka a unique, charming and genuine craft feel – perfect for space fanatics and cocktail connoisseurs alike. For vodka cocktails that are truly ‘out of this world’, it has to be Belka & Strelka…

Recommended Serve: Curious Cosmonauts

For our take on a classic cocktail. Combine 30ml of Belka and Strelka Vodka, 30ml Coffee Liqueur and 120ml of Fentimen’s Curiosity Cola in a highball and stir with ice. Visit “Recipes” for more inspiration.

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