Amuerte White Coca Gin


The world’s only coca leaf Gin. Harvested from high altitude rainforests and distilled in Belgium, a truly unique and luxurious Gin. This white variant has a more traditional juniper flavour profile.

Basic Information
Coca Leaf Gin, 43% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Bottled in Belgium.

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Detailed Information

Amuerte is the world’s only gin, uniquely crafted with Peruvian Coca leaves. This luxurious gin is more juniper and citrus lead than Amuerte’s Black Edition. Amuerte White Coca Gin’s ingredients are carefully harvested in high altitude rainforests, before being distilled by a master distiller in Belgium. The bottles itself, a worthy display piece, is finished with 24 carat gold leaf, making it just as special as the luxury gin inside.

Recommended Serve

Coca Gin & Tonic

Enjoy this Gin with a subtle tonic to create a wonderfully fruity and exotic Gin and tonic.

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