Introducing: Goya Tequila, a Flawless Tequila with a Unique & Refined Flavour Profile

Goya Tequila is a Single Estate Tequila made with agave that is grown, harvested and bottled exclusively on a hand selected farm in Mexico. This small farm is surrounded by clean rivers, volcanic mountains and rich blue agave fields, located 1,500 metres above sea level, within a UNESCO world heritage site. Agave is grown to perfection in chemical-free, soft earth between sugar cane fields, rich in oxygen and water. This helps to eliminate the harsh taste often associated with tequila. Ripe piƱas are harvested using traditional Spanish and Mexican farming methods, before they are slow roasted for 130 hours in an ancient oven. Distillation takes place in a stainless steel tank, followed by a 150 year old copper tank.

The result is a minimalist bottle and a flawless, crystal-clear tequila with a unique and refined flavour profile. Goya Tequila is light and clean on the nose, with a blend of ripening citrus trees. On the palate, you’ll experience the flavour of gently roasted pines, followed by a smooth and silky finish. The brand’s founders crafted Goya Tequila with bartenders from Michelin star restaurants in mind, which is reflected in the high quality and desirable nature of this premium beverage. It is recommended that you enjoy Goya Tequila slightly chilled, at the same temperature of red wine, with your closest companions.

Enjoy Goya Tequila over ice, or within your favourite tequila cocktail. We recommend you try ‘The Harmony’, made with 60ml Goya Tequila, 20ml freshly squeezed lime juice and 15ml lavender syrup. Shake vigorously and pour over crushed ice in a short glass. Garnish with a fresh lavender sprig!

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