Introducing: Romanov Dynasty Edition, A Tribute to the Romanovs

Romanov Dynasty Edition is a tribute to the Russian and French cultures and their rich, interwoven history. Soft, luxurious and triple distilled vodka is expertly blended with eau-de-vie de Cognac, resulting in a truly unique and memorable premium spirit drink.

The Romanovs were the imperial Russian dynasty for over 300 years, known for their noteworthy power, tremendous wealth and frivolous nature. The Russian nobility enjoyed lavish high society soirées in Paris and beyond, frequenting the finest bars, hotels, restaurants and cabarets. This opulent lifestyle is reflected in Romanov Dynasty Edition, expertly crafted and designed to impress.

Romanov Dynasty Edition is a fine spirit drink bottled in France, and the design of the bottle is just as luxurious as the liquid it holds. The double-headed Russian eagle and the delicate French fleur-de-lis are a nod to both Russian and French heritages, encapsulating a refined spirit worthy of any great gathering.

Enjoy Romanov Dynasty Edition over ice, or within your favourite vodka cocktail. We recommend you try our perfect serve The Romanov Dynasty Moscow Mule.

Basic Information: Traditional-style premium craft vodka, 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of Russia, distilled from wheat. Please click here to buy online for £26.00.

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