Introducing: Snow Queen Vodka, Distilled to The Highest Standards

In a faraway land of snow-crowned mountains, crystal lakes and wind-blown fields of wheat, travellers hear whispers of the Snow Queen, the elusive protector of the realm. Entranced by stories of her magic, the bold and the curious have often ventured in search of her legendary palace of ice…

Since its launch into the United Kingdom in 2004, Snow Queen Vodka has gone on to become a favourite premium vodka in many 5-star hotel bars, including Duke’s Bar, The American Bar at The Stafford, Scarfes Bar at The Rosewood and many, many more. Why do they love Snow Queen Vodka so much? We think it has a lot to do with the incredibly high quality of this beautifully smooth, soft and pure vodka – both inside and outside of the bottle.

The Snow Queen is known for being truly powerful, elegant and mysterious. Snow Queen Vodka is a magical reflection of this, expertly crafted by a family-run team and worthy of a Queen.

There are two different editions: Snow Queen Organic and Snow Queen Enigma. Scroll down to discover more.

Snow Queen Organic Vodka

Snow Queen Organic is a super premium craft vodka. Encased in intrinsically designed packaging, Snow Queen Organic is destined to impress. Its super smooth, velvety liquid is distilled from only the finest EU organic wheat, making this luxury vodka a favourite of the elite 5-star hotels.

Traditional-style vodka, 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of France. Available via our shop for £33.

Snow Queen Enigma

Snow Queen Enigma is a rare, ultra premium craft vodka. It is presented within an ice-blue, super high quality, cut glass bottle with etched frosting and silver accents. Though packaged immaculately, the real quality is the liquid, which is subtly blended with a touch of delicate botanicals. This gives Snow Queen Enigma a luxurious, unique and memorable taste experience.

Floral / botanical vodka, 40% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Product of France. Available via our shop for £45.

If you’re looking for some exciting Snow Queen Vodka recipes, we recommend The Perfect Serve, by Alessandro Palazzi, made with Snow Queen Organic Vodka and The Originals, by @forcocktailsake, made with Snow Queen Enigma Vodka.
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