Introducing: Maison Prunier, Home to Excellent Cognacs since 1769

Trading since 1769, Maison Prunier has become an expert of combining the arts of ageing and blending, producing carefully crafted spirits. The quality of the historic cellars gives Maison Prunier beverages an incomparable edge and truly memorable flavours. For over 250 years, Maison Prunier has been storing, ageing, blending and bottling tailor-made products.

The Maison Prunier cellars are home to raw cask brandies, just as they were traditionally consumed in the 19th century. It is said that the underground river, flowing under the historic cellars of Maison Prunier, gives products an additional, remarkable quality.

Prunier Cognac Bottle Line

Every taste of Prunier invites you to experience an atmosphere steeped in history. Discover the golden colour and the subtle flavours of these special brandies that respect the terroir, matured in oak barrels.

The oldest traces of the family business date back to 1701. Prunier remains to this day a family owned business. The core range of Prunier, VS to XO have a unique light yet complex style which differs greatly to most other Cognac Houses.

collections of Rare Prunier Cognacs

Maison Prunier has one of the largest collections of Rare and Vintage Cognacs in the world. Prunier’s flagship products are the 20 year old and the Très Vieille Grande Champagne. In addition, there are countless limited editions, vintages and rare bottlings that allow Prunier to offer that something special.

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