Introducing: Amuerte Gin, The World’s Only Coca Leaf Gin

The humble coca leaf is often associated with Paolo Escobar and Colombian drug dealers due to its psychoactive alkaloid, cocaine, which is often used as a stimulant. Despite its reputation, the cocaine plant has an interesting history. In ancient Peruvian society, coca leaves were appreciated in the whole Inca Empire for their mystical powers and natural properties. When chewed, coca acts as a mild stimulant and suppresses hunger, thirst, pain, and fatigue. It is considered very sacred within indigenous cultures.

The family members who created Amuerte Gin are highly skilled at transforming the taste of Peruvian coca leaves into a truly unique gin, which has a history dating back 112 years. The fourth generation of the family are now experts at distilling gin with true passion. The result is an incredible, well balanced, vivacious cocaine flavour without any of the side effects. It is slightly bitter with brilliant notes of tamarillo, papaya, and South American drake.

There are two different editions: Amuerte White and Amuerte Black. Scroll down to discover more.

Amuerte Black

Amuerte Black Gin consists of classic gin botanical ingredients that are distilled and refined with Peruvian coca leaves, dragon fruit, tamarillo, papaya, Peruvian Physalis and orange zest. This exciting, premium gin is presented in a luxurious bottle designed by famous artists, finished with real 24 carat gold leaves.

Coca Leaf Gin, 43% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Bottled in Belgium. Available via our shop for £50.

Amuerte White

Amuerte White Gin has a more traditional juniper flavour profile. Ingredients: Peruvian coca leaves, cardamom, coriander, finger lime (hand-picked at the Natural Park Circeo, Sabaudia, close to Rome) and Sichuan pepper. This fabulous combination of ingredients offers an enjoyable balsamic freshness, which is enclosed in an eye-catching, illustrated bottle finished with 24 carat gold leaf.

Coca Leaf Gin, 43% ABV, 0.70L bottle. Bottled in Belgium. Available via our shop for £55.

If you’re looking for some exciting Amuerte Gin recipes, we recommend The Last Pink Cocktail, a fresh and floral cocktail made with Amuerte White and Il Martire, a dark and mysterious cocktail made with Amuerte Black.

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